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Should have finished with a fireblast.

TheAlmightyCircle responds:

True, true!

A bit long for what it is. Would have been good if you had done some closeups or otherwise moved the camera around the scene.

I hadn't thought there would ever be another one of these... and then not only do you make one, but you make it so....real. This is quite possibly the most superb fusion of live action and animation I have ever seen. The quality in this work is extremely high, and just goes to show, not only the amount of time you spent on it, but also just how much love you have for your work. I absolutely love how, with each animation, you always seem to make it so believable by using apps and programs in your animation that one might find on just about anyone's system. I must say that this is, by far, the best of the animator vs. animation that you have ever done, and you deserve much kudos for your work here.

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Another excellent game. But honestly, should we really expect anything less at this point?

So, let's see... We got alternate costumes for different effects, and the sub weapon can be changed also.

Cheats are available, but you gotta earn them! Always like stuff like that. Also have handicaps, which make the game harder but boost your score. Very interesting addition.

The gameplay itself is super smooth, and there's a good variety of enemies, from those you can't shoot to those who you have to shoot first before shooing the others, and even some that kill nearby enemies when destroyed.

Boss fights are challenging, and some of those bonus levels are... let's say different.

Music... can we just have a moment for the music dude here? It's just awesome, and really fits the themes of the levels.

Achievement are varied and give bonus money when completed. Some are ones you'll simply get by playing eventually, others are extra hard challenges that require lots of skill.

Overall, another awesome game.

Wow... this is really a great game. As a fan of the show, I have no nerd rage to bring forth. It is really just quite well designed from that perspective. And from the perspective of a classic battle game, it works out very well. The controls are very responsive and the carnage is evident in the combat.

The ONLY thing that prevents me from giving it a perfect score is the lack of good English descriptions of the power-ups. The controls could also do with a bit more explaining, but I was able to figure out exactly what I needed to do pretty quickly.

As a tribute to Yuyu Hakusho, it works very well, with original voices spread throughout, as well as special moves that perfectly match the characters themselves. As a classic battler, it does well with providing a decent challenge and progressive difficulty. It really is a must play game for folks who are fans of the show or of the genre, and if you're a fan of both, well, I think you might be very, very happy playing this game.

Ok.... What the french fry did I just play? Seriously, for the first, like, minute or so, I was so confused... combining those 3 classic arcade games into 1 is a totally genius move, and though it took me a minute to understand exactly what was going on, it was great fun.

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That.... that is actually quite nice. Thanks so much for bringing back the good ole Teen Titans.

KaPika735 responds:

No problem, I loved Teen Titans whenever I was younger ^_^

Good Stuff! Very amused.

Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful!

OK, not sure if anyone pays any attention to this, but, whatever. Here goes. I'm just a regular viewer of flash. For the most part anyways.

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